Take on a Project

The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute (KSRI) is one of the most well known institutions in the world in the field of Sanskritic and Indological studies for nearly seven decades. It has been spreading Sanskrit and Indian culture through various activities like research, teaching arranging lectures by eminent scholars in different subjects, organizing national and international seminars/conferences where reputed scholars from across the globe have participated and presented papers and also through publications of rare books and journal , all of which have been received with enthusiasm by discerning public.

Its publications on various subjects like Purva Mimamsa, Advaita, Nyaya, Vaishnavism Saivism, Language, Literature, Arts, Science, Grammar, Mathematics, Astronomy, Yoga and so on have earned encomium from scholars all over the world and have been reviewed in the national dailies like “The Hindu”, academic journals and other magazines in India and abroad.

The KSRI takes pride in announcing that the most ancient Tamil text on grammar “Tolkappiyam” was first published by it with Roman transliteration and English translation. Also, “Artha Sastra” of Kautilya, acclaimed as the best source of information on ancient Indian Polity and Economics was published for the first time with two less known commentaries by the institute.

The recent publications of “Lectures on Patanjali’s Mahabhashya” by Dr.P.S.Subrahmanya Sastri and A critical study on Bija Pallava, a 16th Cent. Text on Algebra have received appreciation from many quarters of the world.

Presently, the KSRI, with its vast experience in publishing interesting and useful books on Indian culture has taken a challenging task to show cause to the modern world that Sanskrit literature contains depth of knowledge in many fields which are being taught now in many universities and academic bodies as modern subjects, in the field of Science and Arts. A cursory glance of the following topics in which the institute proposes to bring out monographs would instill pride in all the Indians that our ancients did have a deep knowledge not only on spirituality, philosophy, religion, literature and so on, but their knowledge and understanding of so many aspects of science and arts are unfathomable.

The following is the table containing different subjects in which the KSRI proposes to take up research and bring out books for creating awareness in the minds of people across the globe, thus paving way for the youngsters and others to delve deep into these subjects and come out with more useful details. In this way, the wisdom contained in our ancient literature will not only be preserved, but also will be passed on to the next generation to take up similar research work.

We request philanthropists, lovers of Sanskrit, corporate sectors and other individuals to help us in this great task.