Research in Sanskrit and Indology

Traditional / Modern Research

KSRI has always been a centre for Sanskrit and Indology research. These activities are carried out through in house Scholars and a society of associated Scholars. KSRI has associations with renowned doyens in these areas, who regularly visit KSRI and are invited frequently for lectures and discussion forums.

Much research work is also carried out by doctorial students, to whom KSRI acts as a Scholars Gateway.

KSRI has published books and articles based on these research projects; in respective chapters, the research work completed, on-going and also project ideas are listed. KSRI welcomes any organization interested in sponsoring any of the project ideas listed and also individuals who would like to pursue such specific projects.


Indian Scholars – Traditional Study

Traditional scholars of great merit were given junior/senior research scholarships by the Govt. of India through the Central Sanskrit Board/Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan. Scholars under this scheme produced valuable texts, Sastra texts/topics, Literature, Agama texts, Dramaturgical texts etc.

From 1983

Diverse categories of research – traditional, modern, inter-disciplinary etc. by Indian and foreign scholars, were officially started from 1983 within the campus as regular academic work. Besides there was an all round improvement in other academic activities. Special mention has to be made about the efforts taken by the Institute in the field of Saiva and Vaishnava Agamic studies. No other institution in South India except the concerned departments in the University of Madras has taken up these studies.


KSRI all the time pursues special projects in its core areas, through research scholars, students and independently though its associates. There are all the time projects being pursued and projects on the anvil. There are also project ideas which can be discussed and formalized by sponsors and scholars. KSRI invites all interested persons and organizations to join together with its scholars and pursue the passion. Below are the information on Scholars’ Gateway, Special projects and studies and Projects for discussions.