Research Activities

Affiliated to the University of Madras, during the last two decades, the Institute has produced many M.Phil and Ph.D. scholars. All the three academic staff of the Institute are qualified to provide guidance to scholars joining these courses. Accordingly, based on the rule of the University of Madras, that each professor can guide 8 scholars at a time, at present there are 24 Ph.D. research scholars pursuing their research work in different fields like Literature, Language, Grammar, Yoga, Psychology, Law and Jurisprudence, Philosophy, Sports and games and so on.

Sanskrit Scriptures provide an astonishing variety of topics, opening the scope for research in different fields. Recently a Research Scholar from KSRI studied as her thesis subject for her Ph.D program, a 16th century algebra text in Sanskrit. The thesis was much acclaimed and the examiners recommended for immediate publication. Our recent publication “Bijapallava of Krsna Daivajna – A critical study” is the outcome of this research work.

The Institute is now trying to move away from the beaten track and search the new avenues like – Women Legal Rights in our ancient Dharmasastra texts, Dream Motif, Nephology (science of clouds), Caturyuga calendar, Svarodaya science (a peculiar method of breath control), Town planning. Sanskrit Literature possesses abundant information on these.

KSRI has remained a home for scholars of many foreign countries from all parts of Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and South America. The Institute has signed an MOU with Oslo University, Norway for conducting Sanskrit classes to their graduate students every alternate semester.