KSRI has been publishing the Journal of Oriental Research periodically from its inception till date and it is internationally well known.  The Institute has also published more than 100 books/monographs on different branches like Language, Literature, Philosophy, Yoga, Religion, Aesthetics, Drama and Dramaturgy, Fine Arts like Music and Dance, Bhagavadgita, Vedic studies, Political  studies, Tamil Grammar, Spoken Sanskrit, Epics, Puranas and so on.

This is a remarkable contribution by the Institute, a body with no stable financial support, which is yet to be matched by institutions in the country that possess Govt. financial support.


1. The Journal of Oriental Research

Started by Mm.Prof.Kuppuswami Sastri in 1927, it was entrusted with the Institute from 1944.
Till now 82 volumes have been published. The Journal, admittedly reputed for original research
and scientific investigation, carries general, critical and research articles on diverse indological
subjects. Also critically edited rare texts, serially appear as supplementary to the volumes and
later get published as independent books.

2. Books/Monographs/Reprints

The Institute has brought out several important works in diverse fields of Oriental studies -
Literature, Astrology, Medicine, Religion and Sastras. These include the valuable writings of
Prof. Sastri. Translation of sections of Tolkkappiyam, is one of the prestigeous publications of
this Institute.

Publications out of stock

  1. Vibhramaviveka of Mandana Misra (Mimamsa Text)
  2. Vinavasavadatta (an old Sanskrit drama)
  3. Dhvanyaloka & Locana – Pt.I
  4. The Kuppuswami Sastri Commemoration Volume
  5. Kuppuswami Sastri Memorial Volume
  6. Cintamanisaranika of Bodhisattva Dasabala
  7. Sakkottai Inscriptions
  8. Grahacaranibandhana (Astrology)
  9. Bharata Sangraha
  10. Arthasastra with Canakyatika
  11. Vakyakarana (Astrology)
  12. Arthasastra with the Tika of Bhiksuprabhamati
  13. The Census of Astronomical Manuscripts in England.
  14. Nalopakyana Sangraha (3 Editions)
  15. Srivacanabhushana of Pillai Lokacharya
  16. Pratima Nataka of Bhasa (Text & Translation)
  17. Pratima Nataka Study guide
  18. Siva Temple and Temple Rituals
  19. Dhvajastambha
  20. Rajasekhara and his Kavyamimamsa
  21. Mm.S.Kuppuswami Sastri

Publications for Sale

  1. Gadyakarnamrta, an Historical Kavya, ed. With critical introduction by Dr.S.S.Janaki
  2. Highways and Byways of Literary Criticism in Sanskrit by Prof.S.Kuppuswami Sastri
  3. Compromises in the History of Advaitic Thought by Prof.S.Kuppuswami Sastri
  4. Primer of Indian Logic by Prof.S.Kuppuswami Sastri (IV edition)
  5. Tolkappiyam (Eluttu) with English Transliteration, translation and notes Prof.P.S.Subrahmanya Sastri (II Edition)
  6. History of Grammatical Theories in Tamil by Prof.P.S.Subrahmanya Sastri (II Edition)
  7. Tolkappiyam (Porul – Tamil Poetics) with English Transliteration, translation and notes by Prof.P.S.Subrahmanya Sastri (II Edition)
  8. Astanga Nighantu (Medical Text) ed. By P.V.Sarma, Eng. and Tamil translation by Dr.K.S.Viswanatha Sarma
  9. Mm.Kuppuswami Sastri Birth-centenary Commemoration volume Pt.I
  10. Mm.Kuppuswami Sastri BIrth-centenary Commemoration volume Pt.II
  11. The Concept of Beautiful in Sanskrit Literature by Dr.V.Raghavan
  12. Karpuracarita Bhana ed. With Eng. Translation by Dr.S.S.Janaki
  13. Samskrita Vayavaharah – Spoken Sanskrit, ed. Dr.S.S.Janaki (II Edition)
  14. Umapati Sivam, His life and Contribution to Saivism, ed. Dr.S.S.Janaki
  15. Eclipses in Hindu Life and Thought – a rationalistic analysis by Dr.S.Jayasree
  16. Research in Sanskrit A classified Guide by Dr.K.V.Sarma
  17. Manuscripts Collection of the Desamangalam Variyam by Dr.K.V.Sarma
  18. Navamuktasatakam Transcomposition into Sanskrit and English verse from the Tamil classic Muttollayiram by Sri A.V.Subramanian
  19. Palandumandana Prahasana, text with translation by Dr.S.S.Janaki
  20. Samskrta Sahitya Itihasah (History of Sanskrit Literature) by R.S.Venkatarama Sastri
  21. Bhasasastrapravesini (A Handbook of Comparative Philology) by R.S.Venkatarama Sastri
  22. Sanskrit & Science ed. Dr.S.S.Janaki
  23. Valmiki Ramayana (condensed in the poet’s own words with Eng.Tr.)
  24. The Mahabharata(condensed in the poet’s own words with Eng.Tr.)
  25. Srimad Bhagavata(condensed in the poet’s own words with Eng.Tr.)
  26. Women’s Role in Kudiyattam by Sri L.S.Rajagopalan
  27. Kudiyattam: Preliminaries & Performance by Sri L.S.Rajagopalan
  28. Bhagavadgita Bibliography – I (Manuscripts) by Dr.C.S.Sundaram
  29. Saiva Rituals and Philosophy ed. Dr.S.S.Janaki
  30. Kalamukha and Pasupatha temples in Dharwar by Dr.Mrs.Vasundhara Filliozat
  31. Ramabhadra Diksita and his works by Dr.A.Thiruvengadathan
  32. Kavyalankara Sutra Vrtti of Vamana withEng. Trans. by Dr.K.K.Raja
  33. Some Aspects of Sanskrit Drama and Dramaturgy by S.S.Janaki
  34. Darsanopanisad, Text with Eng. Tr. by Dr. K.S. Balasubramanian and Dr. T.V.Vasudeva.
  35. Advayatarakopanisat Text with Eng. Tr. by Dr. K.S. Balasubramanian and Dr. T.V.Vasudeva.
  36. Advayatarakopanisat Text with Eng. Tr. by Dr. K.S. Balasubramanian and Dr. T.V.Vasudeva.
  37. Srinandikesakasika of Upamanyu Text with Eng. Tr. by Dr. K.S. Balasubramanian and Dr. T.V.Vasudeva.
  38. Bhagavadgita Bibliography – II (Edn. Trs. and Studies) by Dr. C.S. Sundaram
  39. Vedas : Traditional and Modern Perspectives ed. Dr.V.Kameswari
  40. Tattvanusandanam by Mahadevananda Saraswati – Critical edition and tr. With critical introduction – to be released in May 2008.
  41. Samskrita and Sangita by Dr.S.S.Janaki
  42. Sadratnamala of Sankara Varman (Astronomical text) ed. With English tr. By
  43. Sanketa Kosa – A Dictionary on Numerals – by Mar. 2009
  44. Bija Pallava of Krsna Daivajna (Algebra in 16th Cent. India), a critical study by Dr.Sita Sundar Ram
  45. Lectures on Patanjali’s Mahabhasya by Prof.P.S.Subrahmanya Sastri, Vol.VII,VIII, IX, X & XI
  46. Siva Linga Worship –Authentic documentary (in VCD) on Siva Linga worship to be performed daily the temples as prescribed in the Saiva Agamic texts. Running commentary available in English or Tamil.