The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute was established in 1945 as a fitting tribute to the great scholar Mahamahopadhyaya, Darsana Kalanidhi, Vidyavacaspati, Prof. S. Kuppuswami Sastri, who combined in himself the rare combination of depth of traditional scholarship and modern research acumen. Many great stalwarts and statesmen like Dr. Sir. S. Radhakrishnan (Former President of India), Rt. Hon’ble V.S.Srinivasa Sastri, Padmabhushan Sir K.Balasubrahmanya Iyer, Padmabhushan Dr.V.Raghavan, Dr.S.S.Janaki and scores of other eminent men of letters have adorned different positions to raise this Institute to become an internationally reputed organization in the field of Sanskrit and Indology.

Governing Body

The Institute is a private registered society. The Governing Body takes care of the administrative decisions of the Institute. The members of the Governing Body are elected by the life members of the Institute once in three years in the General Body Meeting.


1. Sri T.S. Krishna Murthy President
2. Sri R. Kalidas Vice-President
3. Justice Mrs. Prabha Sridevan Vice-President
4. Dr. Sita Sundar Ram Secretary
5. Dr. V. Kameswari Treasurer
6. Dr. R. Mahadevan Trustee
7. Sri D. Suresh Trustee
8. Dr. N. Balasubramanian Member
9. Sri. T.V. Ramanathan Member
10. Sri. S. Srinivasan Member
11. Dr. E.R. Rama Bai Member
10. Dr. R. Krishnamurthy Sastrigal Member
11. Sri Y. Chandrasekhar Member



Rt.Hon’ble V.S.Srinivasa Sastri 1944-46
Sri.T.R.Venkatarama Sastri 1946-53
Dr. (Sir) S.Radhakrishnan 1953-75
Sri.T.V.Viswanatha Iyer 1975-81
Dr.C.Sivaramamurthi 1981-83
Dr.N.Mahalingam 1983-2014



Dr. (Sir) C.P.Ramaswami Iyer 1944-61
Dr. (Sir) S.Radhakrishnan 1944-53
Dr. (Sir) A.Lakshmanaswami Mudaliar 1944-74
Justice T.L.Venkatarama Aiyar 1962-71
Sri T.V.Viswanatha Iyer 1969-75
Dr.C.Sivaramamurthi 1979-81
Dr.R.Nagaswami 1979-83
Sri T.S.Santhanam 1983-89
Sri A.K.Sivaramakrishnan 1983-90
Sri R.Thirumalai 1983-89
Sri T.T.Vasu 1983-89
Sri N.C.Krishnan 1983-89
Mrs.Indira Ramadurai 1992-95
Dr.S.V.Narasimhan 1983-01
Mr.B.Ramamurthi 1989-11



Sri K.Balasubramanya Iyer 1944-70
Prof.A.Shanmukha Mudaliar 1944-83
Dr.V.Raghavan 1944-79
Prof.P.Thirugnanasambandan 1979-89
Sri K.Chandrasekharan 1979-88
Mr.B.Madhavan 1988-2014


Sri M.Subbaraya Iyer 1944-62
Dr.V.Raghavan 1962-79
Sri P.V.Sivarama Dikshitar 1979-83
Mr.B.Venkataramani 1989-05
Mr.T.V.Ramanathan 2005-18



Rao Bahadur K.V.Krishnaswami Iyer 1944-65
Rao Bahadur A.A.Venkatarama Iyer 1944-62
Sri T.V.Viswanatha Iyer 1963-81
Sri K.Chandrasekharan 1963-88
Sri A.G.Sivaramakrishnan 1983-98



Rao Bahadur G.A.Natesan 1944-49
Rao Bahadur Prof.D.S.Sarma 1944-69
Dewan Bahadur K.S.Ramaswami Sastri 1944-69
Prof.P.N.Srinivasachariar 1944-56
Sri N.Raghunatha Iyer 1944-82
Prof.T.Chandrasekharan 1944-51
Sri T.V.Viswanatha Iyer 1951-62
Sri T.K.Rajagopala Iyer 1951-56
Sri R.Rangachari 1962-83
Sri D.Ramalinga Reddy 1962-78
Sri M.M.Gurunath 1962-81
Prof.T.Chandrasekharan 1944-51
Dr.K.K.Raja 1979-83; 1992-2005
Dr.N.Veezhinathan 1979-83
Sri P.V.Sivarama Dikshitar 1983-92
Dr.S.S.Janaki 1983-99
Smt.Indira Ramadurai 1983-92
Sri M.Ganapathi 1989-99
Dr.C.S.Sundaram 1992-2011
Mrs.T.V.Savithri 2011-18


Research Committee

A Committee is constituted to help the Institute in identifying the texts to be published
and also in other matters related to the research work of the Institute. At present the following
scholars are the members.

  1. Dr.V.Kameswari, Director
  2. Dr.K.S.Balasubramanian, Deputy Director
  3. Dr.T.V.Vasudeva, Deputy Director
  4. Dr.Sita Sundar Ram
  5. Dr.N.S.Satakopan, Hony. Professor
  6. Prof. R.Parthasarathy, Hony. Professor

Editorial Committee

  1. Dr.V.Kameswari, Director
  2. Dr.K.S.Balasubramanian, Deputy Director
  3. Dr.T.V.Vasudeva, Deputy Director
  4. Dr.Sita Sundar Ram, Res. Associate