KSRI has been fortunate to have many endowments created by well-wishers, with specific objectives. KSRI carries out these objectives year after year, to honour the pursuits and remembrances of the endowments, from the interest income of the endowed amounts.

KSRI invites individuals and organizations to come forward with new endowments, help preserve our tradition and culture, as also serve some higher purpose of satisfaction to the person creating the endowments.

Following are the list of present endowments and its respective objectives:

  1. Dr.S.Jayasree Endowment –Endowed by Sri S.Hariharan. A lecture is conducted on 5th April of every year.
  2. Prof.K.A.Lakshmana Sastri Endowment – Endowed by Dr.E.R.Ramabai, former Head, Dept. of Sanskrit, University of Madras for conducting lecture on any sastra.
  3. R.Narasimhachari Endowment – Sloka recitation competition for school students is conducted in the second week of September every year. A lecture on different schools of Vedanta is also conducted in the month of September/October of each year.
  4. Sankari Endowment – Endowed by Padmasri Dr.A.Sivasailam in memory of Prof.R.Sankari. Lecture is conducted every year Feb/Mar on any sastra.
  5. Prof.P.S.Subrahmanya Sastri Centenary Endowment – Instituted by Dr.P.N.Natarajan. Lecture is arranged every year in the month of Nov.-March on grammar, linguistics orTamil studies.
  6. R. Srinivasatatachari Endowment – Instituted by Mrs.Sarayu Srinivasan . A lecture is organized each year in November on dance and music.
  7. Navalpakkam Mimisal Narasimha Patrachariar Endowment and Justice N.Rajagopala Ayyangar Endowment – Instituted by Sri N.Raghunathan, Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra. Lectures are conducted in the month of Oct/Nov. on Law and Jurisprudence
  8. Suryakumari Dwarakadas Endowment – instituted bySri D.Suresh, member of Governing Body, KSRI – Interschool Bhagavadgita recitationis being organized every year on the 1st Saturday of September
  9. Guna Pai Priyamvada Bai Endowment – instituted by Mr.Vasant Pai, Senior Advocate, Madras High Court Anthyakshari sloka recitation competition for school children. It is being conducted every year in the month of Jan/Feb.
  10. Dr.S.S.Janaki Endowment– Instituted by family members – Every year lecture is being conducted in the month of July.
  11. Dr.V.Raghavan Endowment– instituted by family members for publication of Journal of Oriental Research
  12. Kombur Ramabhadran Endowment – instituted by Sri R.T.Chari. Senior Sanskrit scholar is being honoured with a purse of Rs.10,000/- every year in the month of Oct/Nov.
  13. Sundaram Saraswathi Endowment – instituted by Mrs.Saraswathi Sundaram and students and colleagues of Dr.C.S.Sundaram. Lecture is arranged in the month of July/Aug. on literature, drama etc.
  14. S.Subbalakshmi Ammal Endowment– Instituted by Mrs.S.Subbalakshmi for a lecture on Music
  15. Shankar Vidya Endowment– Instituted by Mrs.Vidya Shankar for a lecture on Music
  16. R.V.Eswaran Endowment–Created by Mrs.Krishna Easwaran for a lecture on Music in Aug/Sept
  17. Rajam Ramaswami Endowment—Instituted by Mrs. Sundari Mani. For a lecture on literature